the French Riviera

•Niçoise salad
•Stuffed vegetables
•Savory chard pie 
•Sea bream carpaccio, fennel and flowers 
•Stuffed razor clams or cockles in garlic sauce 
•Iced cantaloupe, basil and pastis

salade niçoise


The traditional niçoise salad

Who hasn’t prepared a niçoise salad?

Which is the real, authentic, genuine recipe?

In Isabelle case, she makes sure to only include the very best ingredients.

First, the winning trio from the traditional recipe: anchovy filets, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Top it off with a drizzle of Sherry wine vinegar.

Isabelle adds finely sliced green pepper, small fava beans, radishes, scallions, basil, celery for crunchy freshness, zucchini flowers for decoration, and finally, a few hard-boiled eggs.Black niçoise olives — small, firm and scrumptious — give this recipe the final touch.

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