At Cooking Baz’art, children can learn about food through age-appropriate games and activities. Isabelle’s energy, boundless imagination and gentle and patient manner make kids willing to try new things. Her notebook chock-full of recipes and fun tips also helps!

© Delphine Constantini


For ages 3 to 6

SIGHT: observe and name fruits, vegetables, various flours and sugars, spices, vanilla, and more.

TOUCH: feel the different textures of fruits and vegetables, and the different sizes of grains, etc.

HEARING: use simple tools created by Isabelle, such as bottles filled with grains, spices, corn, peppercorns, etc.

SMELL: discover the intense aromas of peppercorns, various whole seeds, vanilla pods from faraway lands. A special focus on cacao pods and beans.

TASTE: try surprising and contrasting flavors, such as the tart taste of a lemon, the bitter taste of an endive, the pungent taste of ginger, etc.

This class does not include cooking per se. Children decorate cakes or savory muffins made from the recipes and ingredients they learned about.

PRICE: €40 per child (limited to 10 children). Classes last 1½ hours


The birthday star can pick a theme for her or his workshop, and choose recipes: they can be sweet or savory, but must be healthy and well-balanced. Each guest will help prepare the birthday feast.

Previous themes have included:

A fun-shaped cake

Recipes from around the world: Japan, Italy, the Orient, Thailand, Greece…

Ugly vegetables: the stars of a recipe

An artist-inspired recipe: Andy Warhol’s banana cake, Joan Miro’s sun pizza, shredded fruit by Henri Matisse…

Ideas are never lacking; that’s the easy part. Give us a call: Isabelle will help you plan.

Isabelle supplies candles, the birthday cake and beverages. Each guest will take their masterpiece home.

Price: €500 for 10 children; €40 per additional child (limited to 20 children)