cyclades islands getaway

•Creamy fava dip – crushed dakos 
•Black-eyed pea salad
•Gigante bean salad with turmeric and Greek mountain oregano
•Steamed egg, olive oil and dried tomatoes
•Octopus with chili pepper
•Creamy Greek yogurt, carob honey, orange zest
Orange curd, caramelized almonds


Creamy fava dip 

It may look like hummus but the recipe does not contain chickpeas or tahini.
The main ingredient, which resembles yellow lentils, is a pulse variety and Santorini specialty: yellow split peas.
If you have ever been to Greece, you have most certainly seen the dip in restaurants.
The Cooking Baz’art version is deliciously creamy and healthy.
As they say in the Cyclades Islands, the Santorini AOP fava is as good as gold!

Table bookings for 6+ people.